Mocktails over Mayhem: The Recipe Collection


The funny thing about my brain is whenever I get excited, I start talking in old-timey language. Suddenly my mouth starts spouting dorky phrases like hooly dooly, Oh my giddy Aunt, and yippee skippy!

And we’re super duper lucky today, my friend, because it turns out it’s one of those days. Yup, I’m ridiculously excited to be writing this because I HAVE NEWS!

If you’ve been around here for a while, you may remember me mentioning that Dom and I have been working hard behind the scenes on a heap of new things.  It’s true, travel interruptions and COVID have conspired to slow us down, BUT… we’re finally seeing the clouds lift and these beautiful ideas come to life, and I’m so flippin’ pumped to share them with you!

Starting with…

Mocktails over Mayhem: The Recipe Collection

For the longest time, you’ve asked for a collection of mocktail recipes in an instantly downloadable eBook that you could use as a guide throughout your first few weeks (months, or even years!) of sobriety.

And I’m so thrilled to announce it’s finally HERE!

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from being sober over the past 8 years, it’s that the more we focus on what we’re gaining (rather than what we believe we’re missing out on), the easier our journey will be.

Double the points if we’re actually having fun!

These recipes aim to help you do just that.  A cinch to make, they’ll have your taste buds tingling so much, they’ll never want to go back to booze-laden bevvies.

Featuring 21 delicious recipes, each elixir is filled with personality and flair, inviting you to get creative with garnishes and serve each drink in a different way.  This can also provide the perfect excuse to repurpose all your old cocktail glasses or crystal wine goblets.

Scrumptious drinks, with none of the hangovers.  Cheers to that!

Best of all?

Mocktails over Mayhem: The Recipe Collection is available in a delicious Bundle, together with our newly released Eating for Energy.

Happy experimenting!

With love,

Bex Weller Mocktails over Mayhem inside look


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