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Some of my most loved topics include:

  • Why sobriety vs. moderation (and how to tell which one’s best for you).
  • Common pitfalls in early sobriety (and how to sidestep them with aplomb).
  • Sobriety and relationships (how to speak up, tell the truth, and ask for what we need).
  • Self-soothing techniques (for stress management and overcoming anxiety).
  • The power of creativity (and how passion can help us to break free of addictive patterns).
  • What are we craving, really? (Hint: it’s rarely the alcohol itself).
  • How to reclaim boozy travel destinations and fall in love with sober travel (plus special tips for the festive season!).
  • How embracing sobriety can help us to discover and reach our full potential and create a life that we don’t need to escape from.
  • or we can simply freestyle on sobriety and wellness!


How I promote you:

When our interview airs, I share it on my Facebook page and Instagram Stories, as well as in my weekly love letter to our members and subscribers.



I’m based in Perth, Western Australia (AWST) and am available three days a week for interviews.


How do I schedule an interview?

Email to contact me and my friendly support team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Bex Weller

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