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Looking for an engaging speaker for your next event?

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I’m passionate about developing each and every presentation and talk individually, and bringing an experience to your audience that will have them thinking and talking long after your event is over.

I speak on topics related to women’s wellness and empowerment, self-love, principles of self-care, sobriety, overcoming dysfunctional patterns, cultivating a positive mindset, and sparkling vitality.

I’m based in Perth, am always happy to jump on a plane, and can present any of my talks as keynotes or workshops. Please don’t hesitate to ask how I can incorporate the theme for your event into my talk.


Sober is Sexy Workshop

Twisting Peacock Yoga Studio, Perth

A Morning of Inspiration

:: Practical tools to help you understand how fear + self sabotage are holding you back from creating the life you truly dream of.
:: Powerful ways to strengthen relationships and process complicated emotions.
:: Tips for socialising like a Goddess without a drink in your hand.
:: Fun ideas for booze-free celebration and relaxation.
:: Savvy strategies for overcoming fear, limiting beliefs and conditioning, to become more of who you truly are.
:: Q&A session with me about my personal journey into sobriety and the lessons I encountered along the way.

Sweet Love from Attendees…

“Thank you ladies for a great workshop and giving me the opportunity to be with other women who have similar or same struggles as me. The honesty expressed was touching and heartfelt. Very enlightening and I’ll keep my eyes open for a follow up workshop!” ~ Suzie C.

“Thank you for a really great event, I had been looking forward to it and it was even better than I thought! ~ Lisa T.

“Thanks Bex, Heidi and Mel for a beautiful, inspiring and empowering workshop with amazing women!” ~ Avril C.

“Thank you so much for a beautiful event with likeminded souls. My heart is full. You’re all amazing! Much love. x” ~ Yvette G.

“I absolutely loved working with Bex, her warmth & passion is why she inspires women everyday. I initially came across Bex after someone gave me her book and I loved it. She took the words right out of my mouth. I then invited her on to my podcast, Real Heidi, our radio show Hit 92.9, and eventually we ran a workshop together and I was blown away by her grace, knowledge and passion. She inspired me and every woman in the room. I love working with Bex and can’t wait to do it again!” ~ Heidi Anderson

Speaking and Events

Perth Peace Expo

Perth Town Hall, Barrack Street

Keynote Speaker & A Happier Hour Book Signing

:: 6 elements of self-care crucial to lasting health and happiness.
:: Self-love and kindness as the key to overcoming body, food and addiction issues.
:: Clean eating, hydration, and caring for our bodies.
:: Why negative thoughts are just as toxic to our bodies as junk food.
:: Nurturing our mental health with meditation, better sleep, and regular technology detoxes.
:: Why creativity and connection are essential to our wellness.
:: Small, simple lifestyle tweaks to make healthy living easy and fun!

Speaking and Events

Perth Vegan Festival

Amplifier + Capitol, Murray Street, Perth

Vitality for Body, Mind & Soul:

:: Eating for Energy – how to feel amazing on a plant-based diet.
:: The food-mood connection.
:: Overcoming dysfunctional relationships with food, alcohol, our bodies, and ourselves.
:: Why food is not the most important element when it comes to sparkling with vitality (and what is).
:: How to beat the ‘diet’ mentality with the concept of ‘crowding out’.
:: What self-love and compassion have to do with wellbeing.
:: 12 simple ways we can all feel fabulous!

Speaking and Events

Raw Chocolate Workshop

Work-Shop, Chippendale, Sydney

A hands-on class to get better acquainted with the process of raw chocolate making:

:: The vast health benefits of raw chocolate.
:: Where to purchase ingredients, and the many different types of raw chocolate treats.
:: Messy, delicious, raw chocolate making fun!
:: An assortment of flavour creations (including coconut, goji berry, chilli, sea salt, vanilla, peppermint and peanut).
:: Recipe booklets filled with healthy recipes and inspiration.

Speaking and Events

‘Spring Into Wellness’ Workshop

Ausdance Studios, King Street, Perth

A wellness reboot to celebrate the new season and shake off the winter blues:

:: Yoga and meditation led by the gorgeous and super-talented Yoga Vine babes.
:: Simple ways to boost vitality and sparkle more.
:: How to avoid the Sugar Blues.
:: Choc Mint SuperSmoothie and raw fudge demonstration and tastings.
:: A comprehensive wellness Q&A session.
:: Goodie bags filled with healthy treats and inspiration.

Speaking and Events


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