Eating for Energy: Awaken Your Sparkle


If there’s one thing that can be a huge bugbear in early sobriety, it’s those darn sugar cravings!

Each week I receive messages from beautiful souls wanting to know how to soothe their cravings for the sweet stuff. How to avoid transferring their obsession with alcohol, to an obsession for snacks and desserts that only make them (and their hormones, energy levels, moods and relationships!) feel worse.

Thankfully, I have something that can help!

If you’ve taken a sneak peek at our all-new Etsy store, you might have caught a glimpse of another surprise:

Eating for Energy: Awaken Your Sparkle

This guidebook has been on such an incredible journey.  I wrote the first edition back in 2014 after graduating as a Holistic Health Coach.

Back then, the concepts included inside blew my mind.

After decades of calorie-counting, I’d always thought of food as simply ‘good’ or ‘bad’ (thanks for nothing, diet culture!).

I had no idea that it was the quality of food that really mattered. I had no clue that eating more whole foods had the power to impact not only our energy levels and moods, but the way we show up in the world.

I had no idea that eating great food could make me a happier, nicer, more well balanced human!

Back then, I ran a coaching program focused on helping women to have more energy and get their sparkle back. This little eBook was so beloved, reaching hundreds of raving readers, that I just knew I had to bring it back.

Recently revised and refreshed for 2022, this eBook is available for instant download to read on your computer, smartphone or tablet.


Waiting inside for you:


:: 9 action-packed chapters exploring the secrets to increased energy, including: Hydration Station, The Magic of Movement, Know Your Enemy, Sleepy Head, Rise and Shine, Get Organised, Own the Day, Essential Travel Kit, and Self Love.

:: 21 easy, healthy recipes – plus a ton of fun options, new twists and delicious alternatives.

:: Fun-sheets and tips for throwing a great meal together, even when you barely have the energy to open the fridge.

:: The simplest shopping list/meal planner ever. Seriously.

:: Time and money-saving tips to keep you on top of your game.

:: Gorgeous charts ready to print and stick on your fridge or pantry to make clean eating a breeze.

:: Practical advice and tools that you can begin using today, even if you only have 15 minutes, including how to bring the FUN back to your food and meal-times.

Say goodbye to mood swings, energy slumps and irritability, and HELLO to sparkling energy, glowing skin, deeper sleep, and oodles of confidence!

Best of all?

Eating for Energy is available in a delicious Bundle, together with our newly released Mocktails over Mayhem: The Recipe Collection.

Here’s to your sober glow in 3… 2… 1….

With love,

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