5 Uplifting Conversations for International Women’s Day


Bex Weller international women's day
5 Uplifting Conversations for International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day, ladylove!

In early sobriety, when I was trying to figure out how on earth to change, I drew inspiration from trailblazing women who had gone before me – women doing incredible things in the world without a drink in their hand.⁣⁠

I soaked up their stories, learnt from their challenges, and rejoiced in their triumphs. ⁣⁠

I allowed myself to believe that if they could grow and change and become a lightbeam of courage and hope in the world, well then maybe – just maybe – I could, too.⁣⁠

One of the most beautiful things about the digital age is we’ve never had greater access to the creations and stories of people who expand our hearts and minds.⁠

Inspiration is all around us.⁣⁠

And, you know, March can be a funny time of year.

The weather starts to change, and our New Years intentions – once so vibrant in our minds – can start to feel like a distant memory.

Every year about this time, I hear from countless beautiful souls struggling with this very thing. If you find yourself also feeling this way, I hope these little pops of inspiration will help. Here are 5 uplifting conversations to celebrate International Women’s Day:


Bex Weller International Women's Day
Bex Weller Love Sober Podcast
Bex Weller International Women's Day
Bex Weller International Women's Day


Hello Sunday Morning


Why are women drinking more than they used to?  This was exactly the question HSM asked themselves as they spoke with four Australian women who’ve successfully changed their relationship with alcohol.

I was deeply honoured to be included in HSM’s beautiful article in celebration of this day, featuring inspiring stories of change, and our wishes for all women everywhere…

“I’d like to see that women are not held back by the belief that we must have alcohol involved in everything that we do. We are at the peak of this wine culture and it is especially targeted to women and perpetuated throughout our society over and over again. I really believe it’s to women’s detriment because we have so much strength and beauty inside of us. We don’t need to give our power away to the bottle.” 

To read the full article, click here.


The Sober Sessions TV


The amazing crew from The Sober Experiment, Alex and Lisa, together with William Porter (author of Alcohol Explained) and Dave Wilson (AKA Sober Dave), run a weekly video panel discussion about all things sobriety-related.

This panel is called ‘The Sober Sessions’, and I was so honoured to be a special guest on their final episode for the season!

Come tune in here as we chat about the two most common fears about sobriety, and some simple mindset shifts that can help in those dark early days. We also dive into savvy techniques for anxiety-soothing and boosting mental health, and the incredible power of creativity to help us every step of the way.


Love Sober Podcast


I had an absolute blast recording this podcast episode with hosts, Kate Baily and Mandy Manners. Truly, it felt like the epitome of sober sisterhood. Here we were: 3 sober women, in 3 different countries, coming together via the magic of the interwebs. In this episode, we chatted about the reasons we love being sober, a powerful way to reframe sobriety, and our biggest and boldest areas of personal growth.

To listen, tune in here as we dive into the biggest challenges and triumphs of the alcohol-free adventure.


Sober Nation FM


Jonathan Sylvester runs an incredible Podcast called ‘Sober Nation FM’, a show aimed at bringing experience, strength and hope right to your headphones. Each episode features real people sharing their stories of overcoming addictions of all kinds.

Recently I was thrilled to be his special guest. Come tune in as we chat about the two most common fears about sobriety, powerful tips for self-soothing, and how emotions are like clouds…

To watch the video version, click here, or click here to listen in.


Buddha Belly Life Podcast 


If you haven’t yet listened to Brittney Oliver’s Podcast, Buddha Belly Life, you’re in for a treat! Coach Britt is such a warm and funny host, and this week I was tickled pink to be her guest.⁠

I loved our conversation about the nitty, gritty, honest details of drinking and wellness.  We also share many of the biggest lightbulb moments and incredible breakthroughs we experienced along the way.⁠⁠

This was such a special episode, full of honesty, humour and empowerment. ⁠

Click here to tune in.


Above all, remember, we can truly never have too much support along this journey.

If your intentions feel like they’re slipping away from you, don’t let them! Lean in and learn from those who have gone before.

This year is different.  One year, two years or five years from now, you’ll look back in wonder as you realise that this was the year you grew, transformed, and fell in love with yourself and your life.  This was the year you finally gave your heart a fighting chance to evolve, and to experience the joy of being free.

This was the year that changed everything.

Wishing you all the health and happiness in the world, angel, today and always. ⁣

P.S. Do you have a favourite way to celebrate International Women’s Day?  Come share with me on Facebook or Instagram!


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