Free Mini-Course Series

Surviving and Thriving This Festive Season

For a ton of support these holidays, join me for a special mini course series, delivered over three festive episodes. We’ll dive deep into tools, tips, and mindset shifts designed to help you survive (and thrive!) this Holiday Season, with:

10 Ways to Navigate Holiday Season Parties Alcohol-Free (and have a blast!).

7 Savvy Techniques to help you Navigate Family Holiday Events (yep, even tips for dealing with *ahem* ‘challenging’ Uncle Barry!).

5 Essential Items to Pack, to help you Navigate Holiday Visits with Grace and Ease (and maybe even a little bit of excitement!).

We’ll cover which self-care practices are essential, what to say to people, and how to manage triggers, so you can get through the whole silly season with your grace and dignity intact (and without losing your mind!).

Bex Weller

Ready to Rock this Festive Season without a single drop of alcohol in your glass?

Get free access to this 3 part mini course series!


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