Scared of socialising sober? You’re not alone, and it’s no wonder.

In a society that celebrates alcohol, navigating your social life without a drink in your hand can be wonderous, exciting and magical.  It can also be kinda’ terrifying!

Thankfully, like any skill, learning to socialise alcohol-free simply takes time, practice, and a collection of smart, savvy strategies to see you stepping out in a whole new way.

This guided journal course will get you there.

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Your Complete Guide to Socialising Alcohol-Free

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Transformative Reflection

100+ journal pages, plus straight-talking coaching videos and audio pep talks filled with insightful questions designed to inspire change and help you feel safe as you explore a whole new way of being in the world.


Powerful Reframes

Game-changing mindset shifts, mantras that can move mountains, and entirely new ways of approaching your social life, that you can apply immediately.⁠ Bring on the invitations!

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Bold Blueprints

From busting out of the pre-gaming habit, to celebrating the delights that are mind-blowingly better, these rock-solid tips, tools, and tactics will help you fall madly in love with alcohol-free socialising (truly!). 

Get ready to dig deep and design your very own action plan to help you feel empowered (and excited!) as you head into your next party, function, BBQ, or… dare I say it? Even a wedding!

Welcome to a whole new level of unshakeable confidence.
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About your host: Bex Weller

Me? Almost nine years sober and totally in love with my non-drinker status.

But I certainly didn’t start out this way.

In my previous life, I was the ultimate party girl who desperately wanted to be free of the binge drinking trap. I longed to feel playful, with confidence that was authentically ME – not poured from a bottle. ⁠

But I was terrified. I had no idea how to navigate social events without a drink in my hand. Not to mention the fact that I honestly believed sobriety meant never having fun EVER again.

*cue dramatic music* Da-da-daaaaaa…..⁠

I’ve done a ton of socialising sober since then. Sober networking events, 9-hour-long weddings, and milestone birthday parties. Sober group activities, creativity classes, and retro-inspired fun.⁠

And for the longest time I’ve dreamt of putting everything I’ve learnt – every single coaching question, tool and mantra that has helped me – into a guided journal course for you.⁠

And now, IT’S HERE!

Let’s get this party started…
event-ready modules

Waiting inside for you…

Stop dragging your feet to events that don’t feel good! 

Part 1: Setting the Stage

What if it’s actually better than you ever imagined? Illusion-shattering reframes, decluttering your calendar in a way that feels both kind and liberating, and sidestepping the perils of Facebook Fantasyland.


Part 2: Prep like a Sober Rockstar

Bring on the bliss! 4 guaranteed ways to boost your Happy Vibes, plus clever tactics that will have you kissing farewell to FOMO, for good!


Part 3: Mindset Shifts

Innovative reframes, magical mantras, and a look into your deep-rooted beliefs and intentions. Plus, how the Fast Forward game can help you ditch the rose-coloured glasses and step into a whole new world of vibrant technicolour!


Part 4: Get this Party Started!

Pump up the tunes! How music can help, the potential of gratitude, and what to pack in your very own self-care travel kit to keep your sense of humour (and sanity!) firmly intact.


Part 5: Confidence Hacks

Brilliant systems for dressing for success, ordering drinks, power posing, aromatic anchoring, and planning your exit, to help you feel ten foot tall and bulletproof.


Part 6: Peer Pressure

Fear no more! How to embrace ‘fitting out’, owning your choice, practice saying no, and gracefully shrug off other people’s reactions, so you can be more YOU.


Part 7: Rocking the Event

It’s party time! Proof that sober really is sexy, techniques for choosing the energy you take into any event, and the wonders of the Curiosity Game for saving you from the land of mind-numbing small talk.


Part 8: Looking Ahead

Recognise how far you’ve come! Radical, post-event appreciation for just how much you’ve grown and evolved, plus all-new ways to celebrate and create a social life you actually love!

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Think those mythical creatures who have fun socialising alcohol-free were simply born that way? 


Nope, not true. They simply know a bunch of strategies that you haven’t had a chance to learn yet.



But we’re about to change all that…
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Say hello to a whole new attitude!

Strut your stuff with a new understanding of your biggest hopes and fears about sobriety – a journal full of your own handwritten wisdom to help you sidestep triggers with aplomb, and protect you from falling back into old patterns.

With short, no-fluff videos and deeply impactful coaching questions, you can complete this course in a single day – or come back to visit your most-loved lessons time and again.

Here’s to a better tomorrow
instant access

RSVP Sober:

Digital Course


USD $79


One-time fee. No ongoing costs.

Lifetime access (to this version plus any future upgrades, additions, and bonus gifts!).

I’m so excited for you to dive in!


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“Bex Weller is an amazing coach and an inspiration. I always left our coaching calls feeling more focused and with a clearer direction. Her bubbly energy always put a big smile on my face.”

Janneke W.

“Bex Weller has so much sparkle and enthusiasm for life, always leading by example. I feel so blessed to have had unwavering support from Bex throughout my journey so far. She is an amazing mentor and coach who I cannot recommend highly enough.”

Marylee E.

“This woman has a light that shines so brightly, an infectious laugh, and a magical gift of finding and bringing to the surface the best qualities in a person. This is what makes her such an incredible coach.”

Alana H.

“In the end, it didn’t matter whether I drank every day, or binge-drank once a week. What mattered was the effect drinking was having on my soul.”


– a happier hour, Bex Weller
8 powerful modules
24/7 access
100+ page journal
proven roadmap
so what are you waiting for?

Let’s do this!

RSVP Sober Journal Pages
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Still have questions?

No problem.  Let’s get you some answers.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

When does the course start and finish?

It’s completely up to you! This is a self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

What if I’m thinking about quitting drinking, but I'm not quite ready to yet?

No problem! It’s never too early to begin to retrain your brain with new ideas and ways of thinking. This course is designed to make the transition easier when you’re ready to take the next step, plus lifetime access means all the tools and information remain yours when you’re ready to embrace sobriety.

I'm a busy bunny! How much time will I need to dedicate to completing the course?

Each module includes up to 5 videos, running for only 5 minutes or so each, designed to give you a powerful pep talk and help you dive in to that lesson in your journal. 

Naturally, the real value will be in implementing these lessons and changes into your social life. But don’t worry – we’ll cover tons of smart, time-saving tips to help you prep for and navigate events like a sober butterfly!

If you prefer, we also have the audio-only version below each video, for listening on-the-go!

How does the journalling part work?

The purpose of journalling is to ponder how a strategy or lesson best applies to you, and most importantly, integrate it more deeply than when we simply watch and listen. You can do this in whichever way is easiest, most effective, and fun for you. On our Welcome page, you’ll find your RSVP Sober Journal, digital edition. 

This clever 100+ page PDF is completely versatile and is your playbook for the entire course. You can upload this PDF file into a note-taking app on your iPad (like Goodnotes), and fill it in using your stylus (so modern!). 

Or you can go retro-old-school! Your local print shop will help you create your very own printed copy to have fun with your favourite coloured pens. This PDF journal is also fillable, meaning you can save it to your computer and type right within the pages. The choice is entirely yours!

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

With hundreds of happy graduates of RSVP Sober, we know you’ll love this program as much as we do. If for any reason you’re not completely overjoyed with your experience, simply email us at within 30 days and we’ll solve the problem or issue a full refund. We’re here for you. Our happiness guarantee ensures you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

your complete guide
instant access

RSVP Sober:

Digital Course


USD $79


One-time fee. No ongoing costs.

Lifetime access (to this version plus any future upgrades, additions, and bonus gifts!).

I can’t wait to welcome you!


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