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RSVP Sober

Your Guided Journal for Socialising Alcohol-Free


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About the Book

Scared of socialising sober? You’re not alone.

In a world that celebrates alcohol, navigating social events without a drink in our hand can be incredibly intimidating! 

There’s the peer pressure to contend with (what will people think?!), the social anxiety (what if it’s awkward?), and the overwhelming fear about what will become of our social life (will we be invited anywhere, ever again?).

Thankfully, RSVP Sober is here to save the day (and the party!) with a collection of smart, savvy strategies to see you truly strutting your sober stuff.

Throughout 180 beautifully designed pages of engaging prompts, inspiring quotes, and thought-provoking exercises, this printed journal will provide you with clever tactics that will have you falling madly in love with alcohol-free socialising (truly!).

Forget pre-gaming messiness, late night drunken-dials, and hangover-filled mornings. Get ready to create your very own action plan to help you feel empowered and excited as you head into your next party, family function, networking event, or… dare I say it? Even a wedding!

Welcome to a whole new level of unshakeable confidence.

RSVP Sober by Rebecca Weller
RSVP Sober by Rebecca Weller

RSVP Sober


Your Guided Journal for Socialising Alcohol-Free

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Sober Conversations by Rebecca Weller

Take a look inside:

8 Powerful Chapters

180+ Pages

 Here are just a few of the ways the RSVP Sober Journal can help:


Discover New Ways to Have Fun


Brace yourself!  RSVP Sober is here with illusion-shattering reframes, a liberating shake-up of your social calendar, and tips for sidestepping the perils of Social Media Fantasyland.  

Plus, a ton of ideas and activities that are way more enjoyable than drinking (truly!), so you can finally create a social life you actually love!

RSVP Sober by Bex Weller


Build Your Confidence


Socialising sober can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be!  With prompts that encourage reflection and self-discovery (plus a collection of radical confidence hacks!), RSVP Sober helps you boost your self-esteem and feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Get set to feel ten foot tall and bulletproof!

RSVP Sober by Rebecca Weller


Connect with Others


No more worrying about how on earth you’ll connect with people as a non-drinker, or that you’ll lose all your friends!  Embrace ‘fitting out’, kiss farewell to FOMO for good, and marvel at the wonders of The Curiosity Game for saving you from the land of mind-numbing small talk (yes please!).

The result? Deep, soul-enriching relationships.


RSVP Sober by Rebecca Weller


Stay Motivated


RSVP Sober is designed to be used and revisited over several weeks or months.  With regular prompts and activities, you’ll stay engaged and motivated to continue growing, learning, and living your best life, without alcohol.  

A power-packed journal that acts as your own personal coach or cheerleader!

RSVP Sober Rebeca Weller
RSVP Sober by Rebecca Weller

RSVP Sober


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About the author

Bex Weller

Rebecca Weller is a Former Party Girl turned Health & Life Coach, Author and Speaker.  Named ‘One of Perth’s leading Healthpreneurs’ by The Sunday Times Magazine, Rebecca helps women from around the world to get their sparkle back and create a life they love.  Sober since 2014 and creator of Sexy Sobriety, she provides one-on-one and group coaching programs and speaks at live events

Author of the bestselling sobriety memoir, A Happier Hour, and many more, Rebecca writes about love, life, and the strength and potential of the human spirit.  Her work has been featured by The Australian, The Huffington Post, SBS Food, MindBodyGreen, Good Health Magazine, Marie Claire Australia and Elle Quebec.


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