The Sparkle Experiment Glow-Up


The idea came to me in the middle of a massage.  I tried to focus on the heavenly sensations in my body as I indulged in some much-needed self-care, but it was no use.  Inspiration had taken hold, and it was all I could think about.

I desperately wanted to ask for a pen and paper, but (back then) my people-pleasing heart didn’t want to upset or inconvenience my massage therapist.


Instead, the idea expanded in my mind.


It was 2013, and just a few short months earlier, I’d left my corporate career to pursue a new path as a Health Coach.

I’d loved every minute of the work I’d done so far with my coaching clients, and I was keen to make a gift for them and the readers of my blog; something to help them get started – or go deeper – on their wellness journey.

The thing about health and wellness is that it can sometimes feel overwhelming knowing where to start to take better care of ourselves.

Like, where we do we even begin?

The second the massage was over, I scurried back to my hotel room and began brainstorming:


Could we feel more sparkly, simply by making a few little tweaks?


Not by depriving ourselves of anything, but simply by adding things INTO our diet and lifestyle?

Could it be easy, inexpensive, and enjoyable?

No strict diets. No dramatic detoxes. No guilt, shame or punishment.

Just small, simple steps. Manageable changes that build on each other, day after day, until you find yourself in that happy, healthy lifestyle you truly crave?

Energy to burn. Glowing skin. Happier thoughts.

Over the next few weeks, I created The Sparkle Experiment, giving my clients and community a taste of how this concept might work for them, and how it could help launch them into that happy, healthy lifestyle they truly craved.


Over the past ten years, this magical little experiment has helped thousands of beautiful souls to get their sparkle back and fall in love with life again.


This 10-day lifestyle challenge is comprised of 3 simple phases that build on one another, to keep it simple.

There’s a new focus each day, to keep it interesting.  And there’s an in-built reward system, to make it fun!

Best of all?  We’ve given it a 2023 glow-up on our shiny new platform, and the new and expanded version is our FREE gift to you!

Click here to receive your very own access and get started.

Here’s to a whole new world of radiance and vitality!




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