How Sharing Your Story Helps You Connect

Hi Beautiful,

Yesterday was my 18 month soberversary. 18 months!

I remember when 18 DAYS without a drink was a huge struggle.

Even more mind-blowing to me is that I wasn’t even aware that this milestone was coming up. I haven’t looked at my phone ‘day tracker’ app in months. But last night something randomly compelled me to open it. And I actually laughed out loud when it congratulated me on 18 months.

That oh-so-elusive freedom from thinking about drinking happened for me some time ago, and I’m so incredibly grateful that it did.

As I sat in celebration and reflection, I mused on what an incredible journey it’s been.

I remembered the shame I felt around my drinking 18 months ago, and how I hadn’t wanted to tell anyone about it – much less, my blog readers or clients!

Before that, I’d shared the story of my formerly dysfunctional relationship with food, my body, and sugar. But this was a next-level kind of topic. Quite frankly, it was terrifying.

I was so tempted to hide it away, leave it unsaid, just move on… But more than that, I wanted to reach out to anyone who was struggling with the same battles and demons. I wanted them to know they weren’t alone.

Finally I gathered up the courage and gumption to write a blog post about it. My heart raced as I hit that ‘publish’ button. I felt hot and cold at the same time, dizzy, nauseous and exposed.

It’s a huge leap of faith, putting yourself out there like that, right? I had so many fears around sharing my truth. I mean, I was a Health Coach, for goodness sakes! What if no-one wanted to work with me anymore? What if they all thought I was just a split-second from self-destruction?

Plus, I’m not an Addiction Counsellor, a Doctor, or a Psychologist. Who am I to talk about this stuff?

Fear, huh. It likes to keep us small. It holds us back from truly connecting, and from being all that we’re meant to be.

My decision to share that blog post led to 40 comments of warmth, love and congratulations on my blog.

It led to my story being published in The Australian,, and Elle Quebec Magazine.

It led to an outpouring of emails from women around the world who said things like: “Thank you for your honesty! I cried as I read your post. It could have been me writing every word.”

It led to us creating the resource I wished I’d had 18 months ago – Sexy Sobriety – and to me group coaching more than 200 incredible women to greater health and happiness.

All because I found the courage to speak my truth and share my struggles.

Your readers and clients are not looking for a Health Guru preaching from the mountaintops, beautiful. They’re looking for connection, love, and understanding. Sharing your messy, awkward truth gives others permission to be more open in their imperfection too. After all, we’re all only human, doing the best we can.

So be glorious in your imperfection. Let your life experiences fuel your passion. Let it add depth to your message and your mission.

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