How to Create a Killer YouTube Channel

Hey beautiful,


When my love and I received an invitation recently from none other than Google HQ, it was one of those surreal ‘pinch me’ moments. To our excitement, we were invited to “the first ever gathering of Australia’s top health and fitness industry leaders at Google HQ in Sydney” – a workshop on how to effectively grow and sustain a YouTube audience over the long term.

Geeks that we are, this trip was up there as one of the highlights of our entrepreneurial journey so far. I’m still grinning so hard my head hurts, and I feel so incredibly blessed to do the work that we do – and to receive a little extra help to spread the message of wellness and empowerment.

Best of all, I can't wait to share with you all we learnt at this incredible YouTube event!


A Free Class  :  How to Create a Killer YouTube Channel

Join me for this super-informative webinar hour as I share the highlights of our lessons from YouTube, including:

• Why NOW is the perfect time to launch your YouTube channel.

• The top 3 strategies for growing your audience into a beautifully thriving community.

• Where (on your channel) you’ll convert the most viewers to subscribers.

• How to format your videos to ensure viewers watch all the way to the end.

• How interaction, tentpoles and collaboration can grow your audience faster than you ever imagined.

You & Me. It’s free!