RSVP Sober: A New Dress, a Fresh Take


Tell me something. Have you ever spent months looking forward to an event? 

Maybe it was being held somewhere you’d always dreamed of visiting, or all your favourite people were invited, or you were being honoured for something you were especially proud of (perhaps even all three!).

Maybe you spent weeks deciding on your outfit, ordered an amazing new dress (or suit), polished up your shoes, visited the hairdresser to freshen up your ‘do, and even treated yourself to a manicure.

You delighted in the excited squeals when you told everyone you were coming, and spent hours getting yourself into a tizzy in the online pre-event group chatter.

Then, mere days before the event, your outfit arrived.

You tore open the packaging with glee, only to discover… far from the glorious, glamorous dress you always imagined, the dress was awful. The colours were all wrong and the fabric was scratchy and see-through. Ugh.

Now what?!

Well, I have a confession to make. I’m crushed to share that our latest creation – the RSVP Sober journal – was that disappointing dress in the box.

If you’ve read Up All Day, you’ll know how much I love independent publishing. For centuries, publishing was a stuffy process overseen by pompous gatekeepers. Amazon and Ingramspark (our two global distribution partners) opened up the kingdom for the very first time, allowing any creative soul to write and print their dream book, and for that I am so grateful.

I adore not having to sell my manuscript to the big traditional publishers in order to get my words into print. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to retain ownership of my own work, have full creative control, and reach my readers in the way I want to.


But the downside of being an indie? Sometimes we have to learn big lessons the hard way.


When our recent proof copy of RSVP Sober arrived, it was not the glorious, glamorous journal we’d always imagined. In fact, it wasn’t the kind of quality we’d even want to put our name to, let alone deliver to you.

All my research before we embarked on this months-long project had omitted one vital component: the thickness and quality of the paper. Since our incredible distribution partners unfortunately don’t offer a higher quality paper for their colour books, we were left with one very big decision:

Now what?!

I could cry, and burn it all to the ground, and move on from this project entirely… or I could come up with an even better plan!

Printing and distributing the books ourselves was never an option, especially given that we live in the second-most isolated city on the planet and 80% of our community lives in the US. And I certainly wasn’t ready to sell my manuscript to a traditional publisher just yet.

The content is too good! I’m too excited to bring it out NOW! I still want to go to that event, dammit! I just need a different dress.

One of my favourite ways to work through big roadblocks like this is to brainstorm every single option you can think of.

When I’d finally exhausted every idea (even the kooky ones!) onto the page, one option stood out above all the rest: an immersive experience.

A multimedia adventure, complete with video, audio, and your very own journal. A way for us to go through the concepts together, hand-in-hand, side-by-side.

The funny thing is, the entire time I was writing RSVP Sober, I kept thinking: “Oh man, I wish I could talk them through this part… I wish I could give them a little pep talk about this bit, or elaborate on this story or example.”

And what’s that they say? Sometimes the Universe will do for us what we cannot do for ourselves?

Now, of course, I wonder if my intuition had been nudging me all along – if I’d somehow had an inkling that this project was always meant for a deeper, more immersive delivery method.

All of which is to say…


I’m thrilled to share that the ‘RSVP Sober: Your Complete Guide to Socialising Alcohol-Free’ program is coming soon!


A new dress, a fresh take, and a whole new way to inspire change and help you feel safe as you explore the world through sober eyes.

Stay tuned, and watch this space. I’m so excited to share this with you!

With love,


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